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Clarification writing for the purpose of law representing decree from 30.06.2003 “privacy code” (Italian private law)

For the purpose of the art.13 (information) of the law representing decree nr.196 of 30.June 2003 we INFORM you that our company Hotel Andreas Hofer, processes personal data of costumers, vendors, stockholders, landowners, as well as persons who communicate (written, orally, per Email or per fax) their particulars deliberately the management or persons whose data have been taken over from a third party, for example at the collection of external data for information relating to business, whereat this last data are exclusively personal data of common type.

Our company guarantees within the scope of the statutory demands that the processing of personal data happens in consideration of basic rights, liberties and the dignity of concerned people with special reference to secrecy, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data.

Objective at the data processing:

  • Performance of legal duties, duties of prescriptions, norms of community as well as private and fiscal law
  • Performance of possibly contractual duties towards concerned people
  • Performance of activities in connection with the business activity of our company as well as the completion of intern statistics, for the billing as well as for the conduct of the accounting of costumers and delivery
  • Objectives relating to business as well as the sending of business information and advertising material (per post, fax an Email), marketing and marketing research
  • Protection of demands and management of liabilities
  • Performance of the duty of the declaration of guests to the municipality, public administration and public authorities

In reference of the objectives listed above, your personal data will be transmitted if required:

  • to the public administration and public authorities if this is designated legally
  • to credit institutions with which our company has relationships relating to business for the administration of liabilities/receivables
  • to all those natural and/or juridical, public and/or private institutions (law, administration and tax accountancy office, courts, chamber of commerce etc.), if the transmission is essential or appropriate for the performance of our activity
  • Personal data which has been processed by our company are not subject to diffusion.

Data processing can happen with or without the support of electronic, automatic means and encompasses all processes which are designated in Art. 4, Par. 1 (Italian privat law), letter a of the law representing decree nr.196 of 30. June 2003 and the processes that are essential for data processing. I.e. every process which is carried out with or without the support of electronic, automatic means or every processes where data are collected, saved, organized, stored, processed, alternated, selected, compared, used, blocked, linked, transmitted, cancelled or destroyed. In every case data processing happens subject to all safety measures which assure their safety and secrecy.

The privacy law gives concerned people the possibility of the exertion of certain rights according to Art. 7 i.e. in detail they have the right to know which of their personal data the owner possesses and the right to receive information about the availability of their data even if they aren’t already saved and the right to receive details of this data, to know the origin and the purpose of the processing of the data and to know details about the owner and person in charge of the processing and about the persons to whom the data will be transmitted. The concerned persons have the right to confirm their data and to control, correct, complete and to apply that their data are blocked, cancelled and transformed in anonym data if the processing violates a law. They have the right to defy the processing of their data if they have a justified reason and without justified reason if data are used for commercial information, transmission of advertising material, direct sale, and commercial research.

The representational rights can be asserted by the concerned people or by a person who has been authorized by them by means of request to the persons in charge (Gabriel Auer, Tax.Nr. RAUGRL85B23B22ON) by certified mail or Email at

The owner of processing data is:
Gabriel Auer
Tax.Nr. RAUGRL85B23B22ON